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Thank you for landing on our website. You can read all about my story on the link below. Thanks goes to all who have supPorted the charity over the last few years and continue to help with our quest to highlight male cancer.

See Dan’s Story 



I first met Dan approximately 6 months ago and what struck me instantly was his passion. As a survivor of testicular cancer himself he strives to make sure other men have everything they need to make life just that little more comfortable when receiving treatment.

I was delighted to be invited to be a part of the committee as Treasurer and very excited for the future plans we have in place for the charity.



I met Dan through a mutual friend and immediately recognised the desire in him to make the terrible journey he had gone through much easier for those following on behind him. He is relentless in his desire to help people. 
At the time the team was small and struggling to have enough resources to be able to deliver all the plans so I joined to be able to help a little. I am so proud of what we have achieved over the last couple of years and all the men we have helped and am very excited about the plans we have going forward.



I’ve joined dash of silver to make a difference in people’s lives in their hour of need, and when they will need it the most. I’m at my happiest when I’m giving back to make others happy. Dash of silver is a local charity wanting to raise awareness, support other cancer charities and our local hospital. Dash of silver will achieve their goals through their dedicated committee members and I want to be part of that success.



I’ve been fortunate to have known Dan for quite a number of years. In all that time, I’ve always known him for his generosity and kindness. When Dash was established, I wanted to help Dan’s cause, as I knew what he’d been through with this terrible disease.

There are a lot of good organisations out there, that do everything they can to help those who are ill, including the hospital staff.

They deserve thanks for their endeavours and I also feel that their needs to be more awareness made for men’s cancers. Cancer can affect and strike in any way, but whilst there’s plenty of publicity on cancer itself, cancers such as testicular cancer needs to be highlighted more, so that more males are aware and know what signs to look for. No stigma, no embarrassment, just straight forward facts and making people aware. For what Dash was set up for, I therefore had no hesitation in deciding to help Dan fight his cause.



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